April: Go to church because it fails



4 Letters to the editor
6 News briefs
8 On love-By Isaac Villegas
9 Indonesian churches to host MWC Assembly in 2021-By John Roth
10 Miscellany
11 www.TheMennonite.org
12 Go to church because it fails-by Gerald Mast
16 Joy in the midst: a profile of Merv Stoltzfus-by Carol Duerksen
21 Yieldedness is the way forward-by David Boshart
25 Telling our story: Community Mennonite Early Childhood Learning Center-by Hannah Heinzekehr
28 Ten ways your church can prevent child abuse-by Carolyn Holderread Heggen
30 Leadership: Need a leader? Look behind you-by Claire DeBerg
31 Opinion: The children are listening-by Addie Liechty
32 CLC talks trust-by Hannah Heinzekehr
33 Molding our children-Lauren Eash Hershberger
34 For the Record
36 Classifieds
37 Mediaculture: The Bible and Downton Abbey-by Gordon Houser
38 New Voices: Macro and Micro Churches-by Matthew Shedden
39 From Mennonite Church USA: What is the loving thing to do?-by Ervin Stutzman
40 Editorial: Lessons from New Zealand-by Gordon Houser

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