August: On the way in Kansas City



August 2015 Table of Contents
12 Delegate sessions: Hope and lament—Gordon Houser
18 Adult worship: With Jesus on the road—Anna Groff
23 Youth worship: Youth encouraged to walk the road—Rebecca Helmuth
28 KC2015 photos
32 Hopi Mission School restructuring recommended
33 A service of lament and hope for sexual abuse—Gordon Houser
33 Prayer walk opens Kansas City 2015—Gordon Houser
34 Half of delegates want ‘unity in diversity’
35 ‘Summarizing key to effective communication’—Barry C. Bartel
37 Honeymooning at convention—Rebecca Helmuth
38 Over 200 attend Pink Menno worship service—Anna Groff
39 Youth clean up Cave Spring Park—Anna Biesecker-Mast
40 Mystery and mission in France—Lynda Hollinger-Janzen
41 Iowa pastor who was deported gives testimony—Nick Detweiler-Stoddard
44 Pacifist battlegrounds—Stephanie Krehbiel

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