August: The Holy Spirit comes: MennoCon19 in stories and photos


WRITTEN BY: The Mennonite staff

9 Scenes from MennoCon19
10 The Holy Spirit comes: Worship at MennoCon19 focuses on the Holy Spirit-by Gordon Houser, Sheldon C. Good and Tim Huber
16 Thankful for a messy church: Delegates study Bible, approve youth delegates, speak against treatment of migrant children-by Paul Schrag
21 Sex, Bible, peace, justice and more: Seminars address a plethora of topics-by Gordon Houser and Sheldon C. Good
25 Care for the community: Over 1,300 volunteer for servant projects-by Laurie Oswald Robinson
28 From ‘Red Island’ to ‘Peace Island’-by Mennonite Mission Network
29 Merger of The Mennonite, Mennonite World Review to proceed
30 Mediaculture: Mary Magdalene’s Journey: a Blues Gospel-by Gordon Houser
32 The church is a mess, thanks be to God-by Ben Tapper
33 A list of things to inspire creativity-by Erin Bradley
34 Justice, mercy, humility-by Joy Sutter
35 On prayer-by Isaac Villegas
39 Let’s listen to our stories-by John D. Roth
40 The untamable Spirit-by Gordon Houser

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