August: We need to help each other



8 You are David, I am Jonathan-By Isaac Villegas
9 In memory of Glen Lapp-By John Roth
12 We have to care for each other: Sister Care goes to Africa-By Rhoda Keener and Carolyn Holderread Heggen
16 Get up and go: Reflecting on the call in Luke and Acts-By Andrea Yoder
19 One family’s season: Opting out of organized sports-By Cynthia Hockman-Chupp
23 Turning away from despair: A NASA scientist calls Mennonite churches to pursue renewable energy- By Jennifer Halteman Schrock
27 What’s on your invisible shopping list?- By Rachel Thomas
30 Leadership: Seven questions with Alma Perez Ovalle
31 Opinion: Ain’t I a Mennonite?-by Kelly Bates Oglesby
32 Training tomorrow’s Mandelas and Tutus- By Oscar Siwali
34 For the Record
35 Classifieds
37 Mediaculture: The perils of social media
38 New Voices: Transition cultivates growth-By Emily Kauffman
39 From Mennonite Church USA: Loving our enemies-By Ervin Stutzman
40 Editorial: A new reality-By Gordon Houser

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