December: Expectant waiting



8  Grace and Truth: You are Mary, I am Elizabeth-Isaac Villegas
12 Expectant waiting—Glen Guyton
16 Binding and loosing—Diane Zaerr Brenneman
20 The danger and possibility of forgiveness—Tobin Miller Shearer
23 Lessons I’m learning from the Amish—Jeanette Harder
26 Planning a faithful witness amid endless war—John Stoner
29 God the artist—John Duerksen
31 Opinion: What are these stones?-Dale Lee Nafziger
32 WDC approves ‘Rainbow resolution’—Gordon Houser
33 Lancaster Conference leaders vote to leave MC USA—LMC
34 Two conferences discuss implications of resolutions—Hannah Heinzekehr
36 Brokenness and hope meet at CLC—Hannah Heinzekehr
38 Te vemos (We see you)—Ambar Sabino
39 Work in Progress gives, receives harmony in ‘Big Apple’—Wil LaVeist
40 Howard Keim to leave Hesston College—Rachel McMaster
46 Mennonite Biblical Seminary turns 70—Rich Preheim
53 The plethora of zombies—Gordon Houser
55 The compassion-filled life—Ervin Stutzman
56 Surprised, honored and excited—Hannah Heinzkehr

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