December: The unexpected


WRITTEN BY: The Mennonite staff

9 Congregational snapshots: Fort Collins (Colorado) Mennonite Fellowship
10 The unexpected in writing poems: Love and loss at the writing desk-by Jean Janzen
12 A bend in the road: Shifts in the life require making turns-by Laurie Oswald Robinson
16 There is more that is true than what I can see: Moving deeper into mystery-by Benjamin J. Tapper
19 How we imagine faith: Every story is different-by Elizabeth Reimer
22 Love your enemies: Looking for peace in difficult places-by Doug Hostetter
25 Strangers no more: Learning trip visits immigrant ministries in Tucson, Arizona-by Gordon Houser
28 A tale of two cities: A gathering in France proclaims the message of reconciliation-by Mennonite Mission Network
30 Mediaculture: Books for winter reading-by Gordon Houser
32 The challenge of preaching while pregnant-by Amy S. Zimbelman
33 The way of ‘means’-by Erin Bradley
34 Like a flock of chickens-by Linda Dibble
35 The labor of incarnation-by Isaac Villegas
39 Mennonites and deforestation-by John D. Roth
40 Look for the Syrophoenician woman-by Rebecca Helmuth

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