September: Eldon Hostetler: Blessed to blaze new trails


WRITTEN BY: Laurie Oswald Robinson

From the first week of his life as an Amish baby until today as a 91-year-old inventor and entrepreneur with more than 65 patents to his name, Eldon Hostetler has surprised his community and his world.

Table of Contents: September 2014

12 Blessed to blaze new trails—Laurie Oswald Robinson

17 The joy of together—Paul Born

21 Creativity as holy work—Ann Minter Fetters

23 Ducks and thugs

26 Psalm 139 paraphrased for victims of dementia—Nancy S. Kaufman

28 A community of character—Earl Sears

32 MWC Assembly 2015 to include scattered locationsPhyllis Pellman Good

34 MCC helps provide needed supplies in Gaza and IraqEd Nyce

36 Mennonite center creates international peacemakersSara Alvarez

37 Church members bond with Chinese youth—Chris Fretz

38 Students witness hope amid conflict in Palestine—Kate Yoder

40 Native Assembly 2014 attracts many non-Native folksDan Dyck and Deborah Froese

42 Applying grace in radical ways at Lithuanian universitySara Alvarez

44 Prayer and action for GazaTimothy Seidel

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