February: Trouble I’ve seen



4 Letters to the editor
6 News briefs
8 Jesus’ way of compassion-Sara Dick
9 Images of pain and beauty-John D. Roth
10 Miscellany-compiled by Gordon Houser
11 Web notes-compiled by Hannah Heinzekehr
12 Trouble I’ve seen-Drew G.I. Hart
16 Insights from an AnaBlacktivist: An interview with Drew Hart
19 Called to love-Patricia Barron
22 Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery: Walking culture and a story from my family-Sarah Augustine
26 Truthteller: Remembering Maria de Leon-Felipe Hinojosa
30 Calling all artists, musicians and poets-Iris de Leon-Hartshorn
32 Lancaster congregations weigh options-Hannah Heinzekehr
33 Building a bridge across borders-Neal Anderson
34 For the record
36 Classifieds
37 Mediaculture: Best films of 2015 and a review of Marilynne Robinson’s new book, The Givenness of Things-Gordon Houser
38 The power of grace-Dominique Chew
39 The sacramental life-Ervin Stutzman
40 Seeking hope in a ‘culture of pessimism’-Gordon Houser

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