February: The woman behind the cookbook


WRITTEN BY: Melodie Davis

Many Mennonites today know Mary Emma Showalter Eby as the brainchild and compiler of Mennonite Community Cookbook. It was the first Menno­nite cookbook ever published by anything more than a local congregation or a small regional printer.

OldPhotoCoverP1060632People have referred to this cookbook as the “mother” or “grandmother” of all Mennonite cookbooks. When one person heard the cookbook was about to be published in a new edition, she exclaimed, “You mean you would mess with god herself?” (No irreverence intended for either God or Mary Emma, but this quotation does highlight the importance of the book among Mennonites.) …

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February table of contents:
18 Praying with Jesus for unity —Alan Kreider and Eleanor Kreider
21 How I pray —Roger Martin 24 Christian prayer through the ages —Carole Christman Koch
26 Mennonite Mecca in the rifted rock —Jason R. Moyer
28 Coming to church —Melissa Florer-Bixler
32 Executive Board releases survey of credentialed leaders—Mennonite Church USA
32 Responses to survey related to age, place and sex—Gordon Houser
34 Bible stories in print; movie translation next —Sara Alvarez
35 FAQs about Mennonite World Conference Assembly—MWC
36 Vietnamese pastor severely beaten—Luke S. Martin
38 Saving lives in their spare time—Lauren Jefferson
40 Discussion of MSMC decision ‘complicated and difficult’—Tim Nafziger
43 The Mennonite supporters give $76,826 in 2014

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