January: Education that is just, equitable and liberated

9 Congregational Snapshots: Harrisonburg (Virginia) Mennonite Church
10 Transformative teaching: A practice of righteous resistance and liberating love-by Melody M. Pannell
14 Educational identity: What does it mean for a school to be Christian or Mennonite?-by Sheldon C. Good
20 Whither theological education? Linking local ministry with wisdom from the church-by David Augsburger
24 Missional classroom: Helping students learn about power and resiliency-by Jim S. Amstutz
26 Living in Gods Kingdom: Learning to be in but not of the world-by Maria Stoltzfus
28 Honoring indigenous knowledge-by Mennonite Mission Network
29 Aid for Congo continues-by Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission and Mennonite Mission Network staff
30 Sex, church tax and climate change-by Gordon Houser
31 www.TheMennonite.org
32 Engage students brains and emotions-by J. Ernest Martin
33 Unconscious bias-by Joshua Stoltzfus
34 Education an investment-by Carlos Romero
35 Communities as fields of possibility-by Shannon Dycus
39 Fleeing the influence of the world-by John D. Roth
40 Grace is a second wind-by Rebecca Helmuth

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