July: Joanne Dietzel: Opening doors into a church of change


WRITTEN BY: Laurie Oswald Robinson

July Table of Contents
12 Opening doors into a church of changeLaurie Oswald Robinson
17 A new exodus—Beryl Forrester
21 Listen to God and each other—Cindy Voth
24 Drones are demons—Isaac S. Villegas
27 Fire from heaven—Titus Peachey
29 For this reason God gave them up—Ron Helmuth
34 Groff to transition from The Mennonite to Dove’s Nest—The Mennonite staff
36 Peace website audience is growing—Wil LaVeist
37 Congregation tends needs of undocumented neighbors—Janie Beck Kreider
38 Phoenix church reaches out to youth—Anna Groff
40 Speaker encourages graduates for a harvestof justice—Mary E. Klassen
41 Ideas for building lives from their college foundation—Melanie Zuercher
43 Nepali churches respond to quakes with sacrificial help—Chris Fretz
44 Goshen repents of being a ‘sundown town’—Dan Shenk

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