June: John Esau, pastoral ministry advocate


WRITTEN BY: Laurie Oswald Robinson

June 2015 Table of Contents
12 Pastoral ministry advocate—Laurie Oswald Robinson
17 Cycles of violence, cycles of virtue—Ted Lewis
21 How to get along with Romans (and other church folk)—Dave Hockman-Wert
24 Cajun grace—Kate Zehr Walker
27 A turnaround for Mennonite Women—Anita Hooley Yoder
31 10 observations for these days—Jim Schrag
36 EB releases resolution on Membership Guidelines—Mennonite Church USA
37 52 Lancaster leaders propose a ‘Radical Center’—Anna Groff
38 Cutting ‘church’ to the core—Kelsey Hochstetler
39 A light for racial justice in St. Louis—Anna Groff
44 White supremacy and class privilege in Detroit—Tommy Airey
47 Clinton Frame Mennonite Church to join Evana—Anna Groff

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