July: Untamable Shalom


This is our first issue featuring our new redesigned look by designer Hannah Gerig Meyer.

9 Congregational Snapshot: College Hill Mennonite Church, Tampa, Florida
10 The untamable Shalom-By Jason Boone
12 Being a peace church: It is costly, contextualized, creative, courageous and collaborative-By Chantelle Todman Moore
14 Vincent Harding, Rebels and MJ Sharp-by Joanna Shenk
18  Mennonites & Pacifism: The Mennonite peace witness across the spectrum-By David Cramer
22  Peace in the Philippines-By Joji Pantoja
26  The Coffee for Peace story-By Remilyn Mondez
28 Serving in the eye of the storm-By Kelsey Hochstetler
29 Mennonite World Conference considers a name change
30 Mediaculture: Tempering our national myth-By Gordon Houser
31 www.TheMennonite.org
32-My parents didn’t vote but brought change-by Joe Lapp
33-Language is power-by Emily Kaufmann
34 From Anabaptist leaders: Do your own work-By Sarah Thompson
35 A Word from Pastors: Sanctuary as hospitality-By Ron Adams
39 Global Anabaptism: New signs of faith in the Netherlands-By Wieteke van der Molen
40-Editorial: Do not quench the Spirit-by Hannah Heinzekehr

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