June: Congregations share peace

9 Congregational Snapshots: Chapel Hill (North Carolina) Mennonite Fellowship
10 Faith amid the suffering: Churches raise money for a bond for a woman held in detention-by Sheldon C. Good
13 ‘These are our brothers and sisters’: Iglesia Monte Horeb welcomes new immigrants-by Gordon Houser
16 A year in sanctuary: ‘Shalom para ti, shalom para mí’-by Xaris A. Martínez with Rosa Ortez-Cruz
19 Singing in darkness: Amid grief and pain is the possibility of new life-by Pat Plude
23 Faith in action: Following Jesus the community organizer-by Kent Davis Sensenig
26 On being a conscientious objector: Mennonite youth learn about peace-by Greta Rempel
28 Sustainable peacemaking rooted in God’s love-by Jason Boone
29 Stay in MC USA or leave? Florida congregations explore where to affiliate-by Sheldon C. Good
30 Mediaculture: Books on guns, Jesus, films-by Gordon Houser
31 www.themennonite.org
32 In hope the church can reflect its founder-by Kevin Ressler
33 Where do I fit?-by Joshua Stoltzfus
34 Savoring the moment-by Sue Park-Hur
35 (Not) reading the Bible-by Jennifer Davis Sensenig
39 Mennonites’ reluctance to share the gospel-by John D. Roth
40 Living into new ways of thinking-by Rebecca Helmuth

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