March: Holy week politics



4 Letters to the editor
6 News briefs
8 The long journey of Lent-By Ron Adams
9 Anabaptist ferment in Korea-By John Roth
10 Miscellany
12 Holy Week politics-by Everett Thomas
16 Treasures in the darkness-by Betsy Headrick McCrae
19 Wider Horizons: John Murray explores interfaith relationships-by Laurie Oswald Robinson
23 Are we accountable for our fear?-by Joanna Harader
26 Pageants and Micah-by Dawn Araujo-Hawkins
30 Leadership: If you see something, say something-by Sarah Thompson
31 Opinion: I am a middle child-by Jose Elizalde
32 Joel Kauffmann’s fingerprints on Bible museum-by Hannah Heinzekehr
33 Serving can lead to employment, even nuptials-by Wil LaVeist
34 For the Record
36 Classifieds
37 Mediaculture: Truth is elusive in political talk-by Gordon Houser
38 New Voices: A letter to my elders-by Emily Kauffman
39 From Mennonite Church USA: Love is a verb-by Ervin Stutzman
40 Editorial: Those we crucify-by Hannah Heinzekehr

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