March: Sara Regier: Midwife of friendships


WRITTEN BY: Laurie Oswald Robinson

Sara Regier remembers starry evenings when she danced with Congolese women around campfires. The women teased each other about their different dance moves, and laughter transformed long-standing differences into new friendships …

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March Table of Contents
12 Midwife of friendships in global mission —Laurie Oswald Robinson
17 Believing the inconceivable —Tonya Keim Bartel
20 The birth of Anabaptism —Valerie G. Rempel
24 Welcome and discipleship —Bob Brown
27 A new way of doing church —Jeannette Hughes
32 ‘Hope for the Future IV’ calls for power sharing —Wil LaVeist
33 Executive Board wants to keep membership guidelines—Anna Groff
34 Medical career starts with Service Adventure —Kelsey Hochstetler
35 John Howard Yoder documents made public —Anna Groff
36 Pastors Week asks, What is an Anabaptist Christian?—Mary E. Klassen
37 SLT addresses ministering to ‘nones’ and millennials—Laura Amstutz
38 Memories of the Selma marches 50 years ago —Gordon Houser
40 Mennonite churches help undocumented immigrants—Ardell Stauffer
44 Shared identity and shared purpose —David Brubaker

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