March: Spiritual Resilience


WRITTEN BY: The Mennonite Staff

9 Congregational Snapshots: Iglesia Menonita Encuentro de Renovacion
10 The color of resiliency-by Joanne Gallardo
14 For the long haul: The Welcoming Prayer helps us on our spiritual journey-by Marlene Kropf
18 Between starshine and day: Spiritual resilience strengthens us in faith and unity-by Kelly Bates Ogleby
21 A malnourished hope: God is with us in our greatest suffering-by Ben Tapper
23 Gentle resilience: A reflection on Acts 16:6-10-by Melanie Howard
25 Naming Mennonite Harvey Weinsteins: When resilience requires community-by Cameron Altaras
28 Exit interview with Ervin Stutzman
30 Mediaculture: Poverty awareness needed all year-by Gordon Houser
32 Our commitment to Jewish dialogue-by John Kampen
33 How are we doing?-by Matthew Shedden
34 Spiritual resiliency-by Amy Gingerich
35 Looking back as a Mennonite pastor-by Ron Adams
39 Overcoming barriers, building empowerment-by Cynthia Peacock
40-Editorial: Facing adversity together-by Gordon Houser

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