May: Love Across Borders

9 Congregational Snapshots: Souderton (Pennsylvania) Mennonite Church
10 Undocumented and unafraid: My journey as a DACAmented immigrant-by Jennifer Hernandez
14 The burden of uncertainty-by Maria Hosler Byler
17 Migrants as missionaries: Now immigrants bear witness to the love made possible by Jesus-by Frank Scoffield Nellessen
20 What is this place? Lessons from being a sanctuary congregation-by Joel Miller
24 Following Jesus, we risk love-by Rachel Ringenberg Miller
26 A vigil for release: Groups seek to free detainees seeking asylum-by Peggy Mumper
28 Mennonite publishers explore merger: The Mennonite and Mennonite World Review propose new, independent media organization
29 In their own words: Middle East Media empowers new believers through education
30 Mediaculture: Environmental regs show great benefit-by Gordon Houser
32 The rock we call Earth-by Ronald J. Wyse
33 Looking for how life works-by Joshua Stoltzfus
34 What is your 38th parallel?-by Sue Park-Hur
35 Knight of the realm-by Cyneatha Millsaps
39 The search for peace in Korea-by John D. Roth
40 The power of stories-by Gordon Houser

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