May: Taking the pulse of Mennonite Church USA at 15



8 We are anemic-By Cyneatha Millsaps
9 Congolese Mennonite resiliency-By John Roth
10 Miscellany
12 Where we’ve been, where we’re headed-By Gordon Houser
13 For such a time as this: Reflections on Mennonite Church USA at 15-By Dorothy Nickel-Friesen
15 A federation of conferences: Reflections on Mennonite Church USA at 15-By Everett Thomas
18 Divergent, A way forward: Reflections on Mennonite Church USA at 15-By Glen Guyton
20 A Mennonite Church USA timeline
22 15 years of anti-racism work-By Iris de Leon-Hartshorn, interviewed by Hannah Heinzekehr
25 A brotherly letter: Does the Menonite church in North America pursue Anabaptist values?-By Sungdo Cha
30 “If you want to go far, go together”-By John Powell
31 Thoughts on sharing a room-By Beth Landis
32 More than 5,000 Congolese Mennonites in hiding-By Lynda Holling-Janzen
37 Mediaculture: “Get Out” debunks post-racial myth-By Gordon Houser
38 Remembrance-By Dominique Chew
39 From Mennonite Church USA: A purposeful process-By Ervin Stutzman
40 Editorial: “We” are Mennonite Church USA-by Hannah Heinzekehr

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