October: Engaging Politics



8 Leading the way to Jesus-By Jennifer Davis Sensenig
9 Mennonite Church South Korea is born-By John Roth
10 Miscellany
11 www.TheMennonite.org
12 Running for Anti-Christ-By J. Denny Weaver
16 Preaching our principles (not our politics) -By David Brubaker
18 Environmental justice: The value gap in America hurts non-whites and the poor-By Lawrence Jennings
21 Beyond political division- By Cheri Baer
24 Freedom Square: The role of community and neighbors in politics-By Nathaniel Grimes
26 Responding to sexual abuse in the church: Stories from survivors-By Hannah Heinzekehr
31 God is in control-Elena Buckwalter
32 Random thoughts on entering a new decade-Russ Eanes
33 Walking with the ghosts of El Camnio – Elsa Goossen
34 For the Record
35 Classifieds
37 Mediaculture: The decline of white Christians
38 New Voices: Seeker-friendly God-By Aaron Kauffman
39 From Mennonite Church USA: Peering into an unknown future-By Ervin Stutzman
40 Editorial: A ‘Kairos’ moment for the church-By Gordon Houser and Hannah Heinzekehr

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