October: Loving Enemies


WRITTEN BY: The Mennonite staff

9 Congregational Snapshots: Sharon Mennonite Church, Plain City, Ohio
10 My journey of forgiveness: A survivor of sexual assault tells her story-by Joanne Gallardo
14 Pacifism & politics: Loving enemies can be an effective strategy-by Tim Nafziger interviews Jonathan Smucker
18 Praying for enemies: Should she pray for the man who killed her son-in-law?-by Yanett Palacios
21 In search of a just peace: Testimonies of those working for peace in Israel and Palestine-by Jonathan Nahar
25 The Samaritan woman’s #metoo moment: Questioning 2,000 years of blame and shame-by Amy S. Zimbelman
28 Adding insult to injury-by Peter Graber for Mennonite Mission Network
29 Following his conscience-by Gordon Houser
30 Mediaculture: Looking behind the headlines-by Gordon Houser
31 www.TheMennonite.org
32 Time to redefine pacifism-by Austin Sachs
33 Why read?-by Regina Wenger
34 Don’t complicate it-by Jason Boone
35 We all make many mistakes-by Jennifer Davis Sensenig
39 Lessons from language learning-by John D. Roth
40 Roses and thorns-by Sheldon C. Good

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