October: Shaped by Scripture

9   Congregational Snapshots: Iglesia Menonita Buenas Nuevas
10 The rowing moments– By Claire DeBerg
14 She did what she could when she could-By Raquel Esteves-Joyce
18 Life for life-By Alvis Pettker
22 God’s silence-By Rebecca Barrett-Fox
26  ‘Disarming hearts, forging peace’-By Joel Shenk
28 Why we change hymn texts-By the Resonate Worship and Song Collection Committee
29 Undocumented mother takes sanctuary at Columbus Mennonite Church-By Hannah Heinzekehr
30 Mediaculture: Smartphones’ effect on teens-By Gordon Houser
31 www.TheMennonite.org
32 The foibles and challenges of aging-by Evan Oswald
33 On feeling insignificant-by Dominique Chew
34 From Anabaptist leaders: Engaging Scripture-By Jennie Wintermote
35 Hidden Treasure-By Jennifer Davis Sensenig
39 Global Anabaptism: Beyond political or cultural borders-By John Roth
40-Editorial: Bible questions-by Gordon Houser

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