May: Real faith: Iris de León-Hartshorn


WRITTEN BY: Anna Groff

May 2014 Table of contents
12 Real faith: Iris de León-Hartshorn —Anna Groff
16 Why care about the environment? —Todd Wynward
21 Newness of hope in the midst of disappointment—Wilmer Villacorta
24 Honoring conscience in plays and sexuality wars —Michael A. King
27 A lesson from a telescope —Perry Bush
32 Executive Board to bring five resolutions to delegates—Anna Groff
33 CLC recommends sexuality resolution to Executive Board—Gordon Houser
34 Reversal of Babel: Many languages used to build church—Lynda Hollinger-Janzen
35 Women overflow praise seminar in Burkina Faso —Claire Traoré
37 John Troyer to lead new network —Anna Groff
40 Students raise awareness of U.S.-Mexico border
41 Preaching must be from and to the margins, says lecturer—Mary E. Klassen
44 End-of-life planning gets personal —Beryl Jantzi
47 Mennonite missionary photos returned to Hopis —Melanie Zuercher

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