September: Faith-filled responses to health-care costs


WRITTEN BY: The Mennonite staff

9 Congregational Snapshots: Shalom Mennonite Church, Indianapolis
10 Guided by love: Making God’s love practical in health care-by Anne Blackwood
14 Love & empathy: Treatment, not incarceration, helps those with addiction and saves costs-by Timothy McMahan King
18 A fresh outlook on life: Bluestem PACE helps seniors meet health-care needs in their homes-by Morgan Redding
21 Healing in community: Our health-care system does not reflect Jesus’ healing practices-by Evan Beck
25 Leaning takes time and community: The Gibbs family navigates a life-changing diagnosis-by Kristin Troyer
28 Revisiting risks: Couple rediscovers the power of Service Adventure-by Mennonite Mission Network
29 Remembering in Ukraine: MCC looks toward centennial, celebrates where its work began-by Paul Schrag
30 Mediaculture: Teach your children well-by Gordon Houser
32 The cost of no health care-by Joan Kenerson King
33 Peace at the table-by Jerrell Williams
34 Working together-by Mim Shirk
35 Sufficiency of God’s supernatural grace-by Anthonia Onye
39 MWC deals with divisive issues-by John D. Roth
40 Offering others a place to grow-by Shé Langley

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