Amid COVID-19 outbreak, Everence announces initiatives aimed at providing financial support

Written By: Madalyn Metzger, Everence

As part of its mission to help people, churches, businesses and organizations integrate their faith and values into their financial decisions, Everence is offering assistance and relief options to help members and customers impacted by the evolving COVID-19 outbreak.


23.03.2020 Written By: A joint release of The Mennonite Inc. and Mennonite World Review Inc.

Anabaptist World seeks executive director

A search has begun for an executive director to lead Anabaptist World Inc., the independent journalistic ministry being formed by The Mennonite Inc. and Mennonite World Review Inc., presenting a unique opportunity for an individual to shape a new era of Anabaptist journalism.


23.03.2020 Written By: Michelle Christian Curtis and Rachel Miller Jacobs

The most important thing we do at seminary?

Through the practice of sharing requests every week, we’ve helped one another recognize answers to prayer that might have escaped our notice. Most of all, we’ve learned that shoulds turn into musts, that God doesn’t waste anything, that God really does answer prayer. We are becoming convinced that praying is the most important thing we do at AMBS.


23.03.2020 Written By: The Hungry Hounds

March recipe: Teriyaki steak soba noodles with mushrooms

We love making teriyaki steak soba noodles with mushrooms in the colder months, cooking steak and mushrooms in a cast iron skillet and tossing them with soba noodles in a rich homemade teriyaki sauce for a warm family meal.


23.03.2020 Written By: Mennonite World Conference

Mennonite World Conference adds three regional representatives

A composer, health manager and auto mechanic—all church leaders—have joined the Mennonite World Conference team. Regional representatives are part-time volunteers who develop relationships with MWC member churches, associate members and potential members.


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