Episode 4: Saving for Retirement

Retirement seems so far away. But experts say the sooner you start saving for retirement, the better off you’ll be.

In this episode, our host talks with an Everence financial advisor about what to know about retirement saving and what to think about as you make your savings plans. At the end of the episode, our producers sit and talk retirement.

Episode 3: Big purchases

New car, new house – sometimes it feels like this stage in life requires lots of new, expensive buys. How can you approach these big purchases and avoid getting overwhelmed by debt and expenses? In this episode, we’ll talk with a real estate agent and the Everence Vice President of Lending for their advice on how to stay smart. Plus real stories, from real people, about big purchases.

Episode 2: Budgeting

What words do you think of when you think of the word “budget?” Oppressive? Tiresome? Freeing? In this episode, we talk about budgets, or cash flow plans, and how they can help you find stability and confidence in your finances. We’ll hear from a couple who developed their budget and how they stick to it, and an Everence financial advisor who helps others develop their budgets. Also, which budgeting app is the best, and are they worth using?

Episode 1: Debt

Debt is one of those things that looms over almost everyone’s lives – college debt, car loans, house mortgage, credit card debt. Many of us want to be out of debt as soon as we can, but that can feel impossible. In this episode, we talk with a “20-something” who has debt and others who got rid of all their debt by age 30. We’ll also get some advice from a debt counselor with LSS Financial Counseling.