Reach our subscribers from around the world through placing an ad in Anabaptist World magazine, website, or newsletters. 

Questions? To schedule an ad download our AW Media Kit with all our ad specifications and deadlines, or for more information, continue reading or email .

Website and Newsletter Display Advertising

Anabaptist World will carry display advertising in various sizes and configurations.

  • We ask advertisers to send their display ads to us as electronic files. Our preferred file format is PDF distilled at the highest quality setting. We will also accept EPS and TIF with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. All colors must be set to CMYK, grayscale or black and white (no RGB colors). If we receive non-electronic ads, we will assess a 20 percent conversion fee in addition to your ad price. Quality may diminish due to the conversion process.
  • Advertising originals are due to our office two weeks before publication date: and (316) 283-3670.


With four-color available on every page, you can submit color ads at no extra charge.

Classified Advertising

We also offer classified ads. The classified rate is $1.50 per word. Submit your classified ad here.


Advertisers may place inserts in Anabaptist World.

  • We offer the ability to do targeted inserts (one or two states as long as there are at least 200 total subscribers) all the way up to putting inserts in all United States, Canadian and overseas copies. The price varies depending on the number of total copies in which the insert is put.
  • If you print your insert elsewhere, it needs to arrive at our printer at least three weeks prior to the issue date, preferably untrimmed (especially at the top), flat and not folded.
  • If you would like our printer to produce your insert, we will provide you with contact information.
  • In addition to the insert and fees for stitching and trimming, the advertiser will be charged for extra postage (due to the added weight of the insert). Contact our office for more information: (316) 283-3670 or  

Anabaptist World’s print advertising policies

  • Advertisers or the advertisers’ agencies assume full responsibility for all advertising content, including text, representation and illustrations. This liability includes any claim made against the publication because of the advertising content. The word “advertisement” may be placed above copy that, in the opinion of the editor, resembles editorial material. Anabaptist World reserves the right to reject any advertising it considers to conflict with the goals of the magazine.
  • Invoices will be sent after publication and ad tear sheets can be sent upon request.
  • Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. A fee of two percent per month will be added to overdue accounts. Anabaptist World reserves the right to cancel advertising anytime for nonpayment.
  • You cannot cancel orders for advertising after the due date. If an advertisement is not received by the due date, a 25 percent handling charge will be added to the invoice.
  • All advertising is subject to approval. Ads that challenge or denigrate Anabaptist World’s policies, programs or personnel are not accepted. Ads or inserts that Anabaptist World’s staff find in poor taste or inappropriate for a journalistic ministry may not be accepted.