Anabaptist World Inc. is an independent journalistic ministry serving the global Anabaptist movement. We seek to inform, inspire and provide a forum where Mennonites and anyone interested in Anabaptism can explore faith and culture.

Our goal is to be the flagship Anabaptist publication, in print and online — the place where a diverse community comes together to explore and strengthen Anabaptist values and encourage one another to follow Christ faithfully.  

While Anabaptist World began September 1, 2020, our predecessors laid the foundation for this work over the past century (Mennonite World Review) and even longer (The Mennonite and Gospel Herald). 

In this continued work we are guided by our four core values.

Christ-centered faith

As an Anabaptist journalistic ministry, we take Jesus’ words and actions seriously and attempt to model our work after his example. 

To approach our work with Christ at the center means we are committed to treat others with respect, honesty and empathy.

We are committed to publishing content that inspires and facilitates conversations about:

    • Justice
    • Reconciliation
    • Peace
    • Inclusion
    • Scripture
    • Evangelism 

Human dignity

We believe that the stories we tell and images we share have power. They contribute to how people understand our world and because of this power we put respect of human dignity at the center of our reporting. 

To this end, we are committed to work that challenges stereotypes and contributes to a positive understanding of the contexts and issues we cover. 

Cultural humility

We are committed to the pursuit of deep understanding and respect for people and cultures and this guides the choices we, as staff, make as we decide how and which stories we publish, and to the voices we invite to contribute to our platform. 

We strive to include perspectives that provide insight and challenge to the dominant culture’s narrative, which often excludes perspectives of individuals who have not historically had the same opportunities to speak into current issues of the day.

Journalistic excellence

We strive to achieve journalistic excellence through the pursuit of truth, to minimize harm, to act independently, and to be accountable and transparent. We believe independent reporting and respectful dialogue build a stronger and more faithful church.

The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent the official positions of Anabaptist World, or the board for Anabaptist World Inc. Scripture references are from the New Revised Standard Version unless otherwise noted. Final editorial decisions rest with staff of Anabaptist World.