Karen Flores Vindel

Karen Flores Vindel is an English/Spanish interpreter and translator that works and serves with a spectrum of organizations. She has deep connections to Anabaptist organizations and has collaborated through translation, public speaking, writing and more with Mennonite World Conference, Mennonite Central Committee, Community Peacemaker Teams, Global Anabaptist Health Network, Global Anabaptist Education Networks, Movement of Anabaptist Women Doing Theology from Latin America and several Anabaptist denominational conferences and congregations. Previously, she also served in New York City at the MCC UN Office through the IVEP program. Karen lives and works in Honduras and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is an aunt to 3 biological nieces and, 5 nieces and nephews from the heart. At home, her two dogs Coco Chispa and Sasha Alejandra keep her busy and bring lots of joy.