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Episode 35

AMBS students Rianna Isaak and Benjamin Isaak-Krauss drop by the Peace Lab to talk about the Poor People’s Campaign, how it’s impacting states across the nation and why they got involved.

Previous episodes:

Episode 34

Lisa Schirch drops by the Peace Lab to talk about the ethics of peacebuilding that guide her work and how they are applied to Israel/Palestine, the military and other centers of conflict.

Episode 33

Joy Yoon, a friend and partner of ReconciliAsian, has served in North Korea on and off for more than a decade. She comes to the Peace Lab to talk about life on the ground in North Korea and how prayer is bringing peace within reach.

Episode 32

Melissa and Jason talk about the stress that tax day brings for Mennonites and chat with John Stoner about what exactly does belong to Caesar

Episode 31

Joanna Shenk discusses her new book, The Movement Makes Us Human, the legacy of Dr. Vincent Harding and her thoughts on the future of peacemaking


Episode 30

Janna Hunter-Bowman, assistant professor of peace studies and Christian social ethics, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana

Episode 29

Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz on restorative justice, sexual abuse and why sometimes it’s best to go separate ways

Episode 28: Rev. Leonard Dow Part 2