Diverse perspectives

Congratulations on the mammoth task of combining two former publications and creating a periodical with a fresh look and excellent content. Each of the issues has lived up to the promise of “Mennonite news, inspiring stories.”

I was saddened to see a reader in the Nov. 27 issue canceling his subscription after just two issues, citing “trends toward patriarchal views of God, white-centric content and conservative political views.” Can one ever detect a “trend” in something so new? An article in the same issue, reporting on lectures given by Mennonite World Conference general secretary César García, reminded us of the church’s need for global ties. Among the various reasons he gave was: “There are ethical issues that require us to come together to talk about.” 

While I may not agree with all of the perspectives shared in Anabaptist World, this is one of the best sources I have for staying in conversation with the disparate parts of my faith community, at home and abroad. We will only find our way out of the current polarized society by respecting others enough to listen to their voices, even as we hope they will listen to ours.

Joetta Handrich Schlabach, Grand Marais, Mich.

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