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First anniversary of this blog

It was a year ago today (technically yesterday) that I wrote the first post here. In the last paragraph I invited suggestions for a name for this blog. After a year I think it’s time to officially adopt the name we’ve unofficially been using for the last year. The phrase has grown on me and I like to think it suggests openess to the future and untapped potential. So welcome to the second year of As of Yet Untitled.

As I look back over the last year, I’ve very greatful for the discipline of writing (or photographing) something substantial every week. I’ve written about things I’d been meaning to write for years (the series on Anabaptists in the UK) and subjects I probably otherwise wouldn’t have written about (The Challenge of the Mustard Seed, for example).

Let’s look back at the year through the lens of arbitrary and imaginative categories:

Most satisfying Menno fusion

Canning jam and urban gleaning: This post on fun with dumpster-dived strawberries brought together cherished childhood traditions, free food, a wonderful Bible passage and a nice photo. What more could a blogger ask for?

Most, longest, angriest and crankiest comment

Mennonites, Jews and Antisemitism, Part 2: Just barely beating out part 1 of the essay. Highlights include a claim that a “member of the Mennonite Mafia” threatened me.

Most mentioned by friends and random strangers

An Illustrated Autumn Psalm: Although this blog only got one comment on-line, it’s the one that has come up the most in the real world.

Most far reaching implications for humanity

The Groenings, The Simpsons and The Mennonites: I believe that neither the Mennonite and the Simpsons have yet realized the potential of Dale’s revolutionary research.

I haven’t had much luck on this blog asking for audience participation (see Writing to an unknown Audience), but if you feel like joining in this first birthday celebreation leave a comment to nominate a post for the best or worst in your own made up category. 

(Hint: the more wild and creative the category the more fun for all.)

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