A diminishing prize

After the [Repentance and Transformation] vote by Mennonite Church USA delegates, it was utterly predictable that some portions of MC USA would reconsider their relationship to the denomination. I find it disturbing that Michael Danner seems to assign fault to the ones considering leaving ­(“Mosaic Conference evaluating relationships with MC USA,” Sept. 23). Some of us find this [the delegates’ LGBTQ-­affirming vote] to be a serious issue. MC USA has reached the point where it can hardly be considered to be following biblical standards. It is entirely appropriate to separate. Looking from the outside (CMC, former Conservative Mennonite Conference), I have been appalled it has taken this long. In essence, the delegates’ action is a demand for an apology for adhering to God’s instructions for sexual relationships. The progressives won, but it appears to be a rapidly diminishing prize.

Alvin Mast, Greenwood, Del.

Michael Danner calls separating a “de­fect in our discipleship.” If earlier Christians had believed this, Martin Luther would have not started the Reformation, the early Anabaptists would have just gone along with Ulrich Zwingli, and the Anabaptist movement wouldn’t have begun. Discipleship often requires hard choices to be faithful, not just staying with the status quo. When Christians hold unity too high, the church stagnates and becomes acculturated to society’s common denominator. When they hold Scripture high and follow their conscience as led by the Holy Spirit, the church is healthier.  

Gary Oyer, Hesston, Kan.

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