A loaded phrase

I am disappointed that you printed “Do we care about all lives?” (Letters, Jan. 22). The author responds to an article about the “culture of impunity for violence against women of color” with “surely Mennonite Church USA and Anabaptist World should care about all lives, not just women of color.” Pointing out a grave injustice done to one group of people is in no way saying that only those affected matter. It is reminding us that those affected also matter, in a racially hierarchical society that regrettably needs that reminder.

Yes, we care about all lives and, believing so, should be infuriated to live within power structures that prioritize the lives of the privileged.

I have appreciated AW ’s focus on racial justice. “All lives matter,” a loaded phrase widely used to discredit antiracism and deflect focus off of the work that needs to be done, should have no place in AW ’s pages.

Sarah K. Burkhalter, Seattle

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