Adopt the babies you do not want aborted

I have lived a rich and fulfilling life and want the same for others. A defective baby, a rape-induced baby, a baby birthed at age 14, a seventh or eighth baby, a baby born into an abusive family, a drug-compromised baby or one born into abject poverty will not only jeopardize lives — the mother’s family, the child’s — but destroy any potentially rich and fulfilling life. I have never understood how right-to-lifers can spew forth their “righteous” position without alleviating the repercussions they are proposing for these vulnerable mothers. I have a proposition: Each one of you take one of these unwanted children, adopt them into your family and raise them as your own. Surely you can do no less to reinforce your theological position.

Audrey Musselman,
Waterloo, Ont.

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