Aging with dignity 

Sarah Kehrberg calls attention to the dilemma of getting old and needing help (Columns, April 14). Her experience leads her to believe the smartest move is for older family members to move closer to their children. 

Chances are that our children do not all live in the same area. They may not plan to stay in one area for the rest of their lives. Multiple moves to live close to children may become more difficult as we age. 

When my husband, Titus, and I reached the place where we needed more help, my daughter and son-in-law, who lived in the same community, began talking to us about moving in with them. They found a house with enough space for both families, and we became a three-generation household. Over five years ago, Titus passed away. Now I am 87 and, yes, I need help. I joined Valley Village, whose vision is to provide some of the care that Kehrberg discusses. We are a community of over 100 elders. Some need help; others provide help — mutual care for quality and dignity while aging at home. I am blessed we made that move over 10 years ago. 

Ann Bender, Harrisonburg, Va.

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