This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Candidates’ character

I was appalled at your editorial on Donald Trump (“Rape Culture Exposed,” Oct. 24), to the exclusion of Hillary Clinton’s lies, deceit and cover-ups. We are not electing a church leader. The candidates do not have the qualifications of a bishop or apostle.

These issues should guide our voting: Who will appoint Supreme Court justices who stand for freedom of religion — or who will vote their own liberal opinions? Who will promote the unborn child’s right to life — or who will support abortion, even late-term? Who is committed to protect Israel — or who says Israel can defend itself? Who will protect the people’s right to practice their faith without being discriminated against — or what party allows Christian values to be threatened? Who believes marriage is between one man and one woman — or who will fight to end discrimination of sex, gender and sexual orientation, even in elementary school restrooms? Who will lower taxes — or who will raise taxes and increase the national debt?

The election should not be determined by the character of the candidates but by the issues. May the Lord lead us to vote for moral and spiritual values.

Sanford C. Oyer
Wooster, Ohio

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