Five things Friday roundup: Care and chocolate

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1. Climate change

Our friends in the Pacific Northwest recently experienced an extreme and historic heat wave that blanketed the area for over a week. The Washington Post reported that British Colombia alone suffered 485 “sudden and unexpected” deaths. Many of us perceive this to be the consequences of climate change. As a people of God, we have been tasked with loving and caring for God’s creation. While this involves the children of God, it also includes the very earth that God loves, from the earth’s core to our atmosphere. While change can only happen if big corporations pledge to become green, doing our part can alleviate some of the burden. We also can advocate for stricter laws that benefit the planet. This week, think of ways you can do what you can to give some love back to the earth that’s given so much.

2. Critical Race Theory

Critical Race theory has been under the spotlight in the last while. Some believe it’s divisive, pitting black people against white people, and others find it crucial to understand how racism has impacted the law as well as justice. A huge divide happens when people assume racism is about beliefs versus the outcomes of racism and white supremacy. The pushback is coming from people concerned it will be “taught” in a K-12 classroom. While it’s unclear how much and if any schools have presented this concept, it is a rather dense and academic theory that’s usually not fully grasped by children this young. Regardless, it’s sparked debate over the very concept of CRT. As a people of God who know beliefs and actions go together, where do we find ourselves with CRT? While the debate goes on for school curriculum, how might we incorporate this theory into our churches and help others understand how the construct of race and justice intersect? 

3. Masks

Many of us who are vaccinated have shed our masks and are going out for the first time since 2020. Even when masks are encouraged, people take this as a sign of the pandemic being over. And while we’ve certainly turned a corner, have we given up masks for good? One thing I noticed over the past year is that both me and my close friends did not experience upper respiratory issues like we have in previous years. What would it look like to do the people around us a kindness and wear our masks when we’re not feeling well? How might our yearly “expected” flu be impacted? Capitalism values production over the health of the average worker, so given that, how can we keep our coworkers and family safe from illnesses that can put someone out of commission? I have decided I’m not getting rid of my mask just yet. I have a feeling I just might need it. 

4. Crime Scene Kitchen

I was very skeptical about this show, but its premise intrigued me. Teams of two are assigned a kitchen where a desert has been made. The first stage is a dessert, and the second is a “showstopper.”  Wrappers in the trash, the contents of the fridge, and even freshly washed tins give the contestants a hint as to what they’re to bake. Each team tries to make the correct dessert, and the closest guess wins the round. If no one guesses correctly, the “almost close” and the best tasting desserts win. You will bite your nails all the way off, and if you like baking shows, this is a must-see. It’s on Wednesdays at 9 pm on Fox, and a preview of the show can be found here

5. Raspberry brownies

Our raspberry bush has exploded this season. To keep up, all kinds of delicious sweets have been made. Next to the obvious raspberry jam, raspberry brownies have also been a hit. This is a particularly delicious brownie recipe that uses a cup of raspberries.The result tastes a lot like a chocolate raspberry cake, and it’s super easy to put together. You can find the recipe here


Joanne Gallardo

Joanne Gallardo is conference minister of Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference of Mennonite Church USA in Goshen, Indiana. Read More

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