GAMEO takes multilingual focus

GAMEO board at the Mennonite Church USA offices in Elkhart, Indiana, USA. On screen: Anicka Fast (Mennonite World Conference, Faith & Life Commission), Ken Sensenig (Mennonite Central Committee). Standing: Elizabeth Miller (general editor; Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism), Aileen Friesen (incoming chair; D. F. Plett Historical Research Foundation), Olivia Krall (Mennonite Church USA), Jon Isaak (outgoing chair; Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission), Alf Redekopp (associate editor). Sitting: Laureen Harder-Gissing (Mennonite Historical Society of Canada), Bert Friesen (associate editor). — Martin Gunawan

The management board of the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online (GAMEO) held its annual meeting both in person in Goshen and Elkhart, Indiana, USA, and by Zoom on May 24. This meeting brought together board members from the United States, Canada and the Netherlands to discuss the upcoming year of projects and to facilitate a transition in board leadership.  

GAMEO is an online free encyclopedia that is probably the most authoritative source of information about Anabaptists on the internet.

One key focus of this year’s meeting was expanding GAMEO’s multilingual offerings. GAMEO board members met with Michèle Sigg of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography (DACB) to learn about Sigg’s experience with publishing multilingual web content and increasing accessibility for DACB users.  

Following the meeting, GAMEO members agreed on several updates to the site to increase multilingual access.  

One of these updates is already complete. On May 28, GAMEO released two new article categories, French language articles and Spanish language articles, that allow users to locate and access articles based on the publishing language of the material. 

Board members also voted to allow content submissions in any language and to work toward integrating Google Translate options into the site.  

In addition to those changes, board members allocated a portion of this year’s budget for web updates. The planned updates include making the site more smartphone-friendly, redesigning GAMEO’s homepage and adding tools to make it easier for users to suggest corrections and updates.  

With the retirement of Jon Isaak, executive secretary of the Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission and GAMEO board chair since 2020, and Bert Friesen, GAMEO financial liaison, Aileen Friesen of the D.F. Plett Historical Research Foundation will take on both roles. 

This article is a GAMEO news release that appeared on Mennonite World Conference’s website.


The Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia online is probably the most authoritative source of information about Anabaptist Mennonites, Hutterites and Amish Read More

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