Hypocritical withdrawal

I was disheartened to read about Mennonite Church USA pulling out of CPT due to the name change from Christian Peacemaker Teams to Community Peacemaker Teams (Feb. 11). The change was an attempt to refrain from excluding the many people from other faiths who have joined with Christians to do God’s work through CPT. Do the leaders of MC USA realize how hypocritical it is to talk about broadening our reach and including the marginalized and then pull their guidance from an agency that actually does these things? It is ridiculous to believe that changing its name makes CPT any less Christ-centered. “Christian” is an action, not a name, and CPT is one of the most Christian-acting organizations with which I have had the pleasure to be associated. This type of short-sighted, hypocritical decision-making is why people leave the Mennonite church.

Ron Chupp, Goshen, Ind.

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