Inspiring women in ministry

It was inspiring to read Nancy Kauffmann’s name as an Alumni Min­­is­try and Service honoree (Oct. 16, “AMBS Window” insert). It is no small accomplishment that she followed God’s urging in ministry and that Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary provided the foundation for youth ministry, congregational preaching, area conference administration and Mennonite Church USA leadership. She kept her toe in the ministry door and opened it for women and men to walk through. This summer, also, was the retirement of Rosie Epp, marking 41 years of congregational ministry (also with a degree from AMBS). She remained focused already as a young, single woman ordained in 1979 — a true Mennonite woman preacher pioneer. She opened the door for others and now mentors her daughter in pastoral ministry. Let’s keep those ministry doors open!

Dorothy Nickel Friesen
North Newton, Kan.

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