Is MAGA Christian?

I appreciated Jonny Rashid’s column about “Christian” nationalism (March). I wonder, though, about his statement that we ought not consider White nationalists as not Christian. Jesus is clear in Matthew 7 that not all who call him “Lord, Lord” are his followers. “I never knew you” (Matthew 7:23) is a pretty clear rejection of an all-inclusive Christianity. The MAGA wing of the Republican movement has tried hard to say that they and Donald Trump are Christian in order to lure churchgoers to their movement. Is there a point where we call out the misuse of the title “Christian”? No, we are not the final judges, but . . .

Kenneth Kauffman, Whiskey Hill, Ore.


Jonny Rashid’s column helps me to know where I need to stand on Christian nationalism. I would like to read more articles on this topic. What is my faith based on, and why? Also, please explain why naming Christ as Lord is “a political statement.”

Lydia Samatar, Goshen, Ind.

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