New MWC tagline reinforces vision, mission

Mennonite World Conference Mennonite World Conference

Mennonite World Conference leadership has selected a new tagline: “Following Jesus, living out unity, building peace.”

“After almost one year of consultative process with Anabaptist theologians and MWC staff, under the facilitation of and change management consultant Betty Pries, we agreed upon this tagline,” said MWC general secretary César García. “It reinforces the three most important things about being an Anabaptist and summarizes the MWC Vision and Mission Statements in a way that is inspiring, compelling and calls people to action.”

These phrases are intended to help Anabaptists around the world answer some simple questions:

“What do you believe?”

“What do you stand for?”

“What are your priorities?”

“How are you different from or similar to other denominations?”

During multiple rounds of dialogue, themes emerged of following Jesus, making the world a better place, unity, transformation, peace, love, witnessing, community, shalom and supporting one another.

“There was consensus that we want the tagline to call people to action, while focusing on the transformational love of Jesus, as well as continuing our commitment to build peace and unity. The new tagline achieved all these,” García said.

More resources on what it means to live out the tagline will be rolled out between now and 2025, when the 500th anniversary of Anabaptism will be celebrated.

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