Nonviolent action in Ukraine

Although the moral victory certainly appears to be on the side of the Ukrainians, I appreciate the mention of nonviolence in Paul Schrag’s editorial, “Ukraine wins the moral battle” (March 25). Even when employed on behalf of the supposed moral side, violence produces more vio­lence. Giving in to Ukrainian calls for bigger weapons, planes and a no-fly zone would bring the U.S. into the war against Russia and produce much more destruction and death. In early news reports, there were brief mentions of nonviolent resistance — crowds halting tanks or preventing the advance of soldiers. In Russia, people have engaged in antiwar protests.

An internet search for “Singing Revolution” brings up the story of a nonviolent movement that halted a Soviet invasion of Estonia and led to Estonia’s independence. Like a military campaign, a nonviolent movement requires preparation. That is what we should be encouraging in every way possible — praying for the practitioners of nonviolence on all sides and encouraging nonviolent actions through any contacts at hand.

J. Denny Weaver, Madison, Wis.

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