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November 2018 Call for Submissions: Health Care: A Biblical and Cultural Concern

The Mennonite, Inc., invites your original submissions for our November 2018 print magazine issue and corresponding online content focusing on Health Care: A Biblical and Cultural Concern.

Description of the theme:

In the United States, access to quality, affordable health care is consistently cited in polls as a major concern, as many cannot afford even basic care. Health care is also a moral and spiritual issue. The Bible says we are created in God’s image and refers to our bodies as temples. Our health is a concern for all humanity and includes not only bodily health but mental, spiritual and community health. We are also called to be concerned for the health of others, particularly those most vulnerable to harm. Classism directly contributes to accessibility and care for our own and others’ health.

Submissions may consider one of the following prompts/questions, among others:

  • How have you dealt with a health crisis? In what ways did your faith and/or your faith community contribute to your healing? Tell us your story.
  • Many do not have access to affordable health care. How have you experienced this personally? Where have you found assistance and support?
  • What does the Bible say about health care and caring for the health of all people, particularly those who are most vulnerable and poor?
  • How does your community talk about and care for those who struggle with mental health? How have you born witness to this? What are the barriers you have encountered, either within yourself or from society at large, in helping care for those with mental-health needs?
  • How has your community supported or not supported those who have expressed struggles with their spiritual health? What have you learned about yourself in this process?

Submissions are due to no later than Oct. 1.

We welcome articles—personal stories, biblical or theological reflections, stories about your congregation, and more (800-1,200 words)—as well as original photography, videos and artwork on the theme. Please note we are committed to anti-oppression reviews as part of our editorial process. When developing your submission, please review our updated anti-oppression guidelines as well as our editorial guidelines.

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