Poetry: Noise

Pietro Lorenzetti (1280–1348), untitled, but known as “Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.” — Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

           a cry of happiness
           a joyful noise

            they do not know, as Jesus does, what is to come

            they think he will make war,
            bring the enemy death
            and they will rise triumphant

            in essence rescue us
            imbued with a sense of urgency, now

             the noise of the people swells
             though the palm branches muffle the pace of the colt to the cross

            again, we plead now
            an internal hush hidden
            in the bright cacophony of day

            our own path through
            the silent doorway of the tomb

Britt Kaufmann

Britt Kaufmann lives in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina where she works as a high school math tutor. Read More

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