Poetry: Re-Creation

— Ravi Pinisetti on Unsplash.

Author’s note: In the biblical account of Genesis 1, we are put in charge of creation as caretakers.  We have proven to be unreliable stewards, contributing much to destroy our planetary habitat.  Now it is time to change and embrace our calling to take care of our earth-home.  In the reflection below, haikus are followed by free verse, pondering each day of creation. The “beginning” is now.  The poem is a vision of the future.


Like the morning sun
Breaking through pollution haze
Out of death we rise
                       In the beginning, earth and its creatures
                       were plagued by droughts, storms, fires, floods,
                       starvation, injustice, and disease.
                       Confused, we search for solutions.
                       We noticed a ray of sunlight
                       break through the darkness
                       and saw the beauty of creation
                       we had been charged to take care of.
                       And there was evening and there was morning,
                       the first day.
Watery blessing
Caresses of soft rain
From sky to deep sea
                         We began to clean up the oceans,
                         removed dumped plastic,
                         passed laws against overfishing,
                         helped coral reefs renew themselves.
                         We limited greenhouse gas emissions
                         that hung over the land
                         like a suffocating cloak.
                         Blue skies returned, and we saw that it was good.
                         And there was evening and there was morning,
                         The second day.
Growth on fruitful land
Vegetation yielding seed 
Hyacinths in bloom
                           As allies of the earth, we planted trees,
                           prohibited deforestation, stopped poisoning
                           the land with chemicals, reused and recycled.
                           We danced under redwoods
                           and prayed on holy mountains.
                           We drew strength from the land,
                           harvesting and sharing what we grew.
                           And we saw that it was good.
                           And there was evening and there was morning,
                           The third day.
Day apart from night
Light in the dome of the sky
Days, years, and seasons
                          When it became clear
                          that extracting fossil fuels
                          would bring certain death
                          to future generations,
                          we explored alternative energy sources.
                          We sought the heat of the sun,
                          the strength of the wind,
                          and the steadiness of waves and rivers. 
                          We knew energy as gift and birthright--
                          free, safe, and accessible to all.
                          And we saw that it was good.
                          And there was evening and there was morning,
                          The fourth day.
Filling earth and sky
Swarms of living creatures roam
Colors multiply
                           We recognized the interconnectedness
                           of all living things, not just among humans. 
                           Animals, like us, deserved
                           Care and protection from abuse.
                           We switched to a meatless diet, ceased
                           to exploit the essence of living beings
                           for selfish gain, stopped cruel practices,
                           and admired the splendor of the species
                           that co-inhabited our common planet.
                           And there was evening and there was morning,
                           The fifth day.
Made in God’s image
Caretakers of the garden
Both male and female
                          We stood together in the fight
                          against hunger, poverty, and injustice.
                          We recognized the treasure of diversity:
                          Black, brown and white, all people together;
                          humans, animals, plants, all of one substance.
                          We elected leaders who would protect creation.
                          Replacing hatred with love, 
                          freed from greed and selfishness,
                          confessing, we made the turn.
                          And there was evening and there was morning,
                          The sixth day.
Earth’s wellness restored
Blessings received and given
Time to celebrate
                           We looked at the now unpolluted sky,
                            admired the brilliant stars,
                            breathed the clean air,
                            joined hands in a dance, rejoiced,
                            and saw that keeping the garden
                            was indeed very good
                            and that we were part of a Spirit
                            that made it so.

This poem originally appeared as "Creation Revisited" in the author's book, Exploring Theopoetics.

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid Rogers, Emerita Professor of Manchester University and former pastor of the Akron, Indiana, congregation, is a member of the Read More

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