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#ShapedbyScripture: Join the conversation

The October issue of The Mennonite magazine features first-person reflections on Scripture passages that have challenged, shaped and transformed people across Mennonite Church USA. For example, Claire DeBerg reflects on Luke 5 and the story of Jesus calling the first disciples and the ways this story impacted her during an unexpected pregnancy.

And throughout the month of October, we want to keep the conversation going. We invite you to share your own reflections about which scriptures have been important to you.

You can join the conversation by:

  • Reading TMail, our weekly e-newsletter. Throughout the month of October, we’ll be publishing even more reflections on the ways that Scripture has shaped individuals and communities. If you have a reflection that you’d like to see us publish as part of this conversation at, send it our way:
  • Following us on social media. Throughout October, we’ll be sharing questions, images and polls to invite you to continue naming the ways that Scripture has been an important part of your own life.
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