Sin on both sides of war

I have grave concerns about “Ukraine Wins the Moral Battle” (Editorial, March 25). Including quotes about defending against the forces of evil plays into the hands of those who justify violence.

Yes, I believe in a God of truth and justice, and I believe that those who spread lies and give murderous orders will face God’s judgment. But it is an oversimplification to ascribe sin to one or another side of a war. It is dangerous and inaccurate.

The Ukrainian government has had eight years to reconcile with the separatist regions in the Donbas region and failed to do so. In negotiations for the reunification of Germany, the United States promised it would not expand NATO “one more inch,” and it has failed to keep this promise.

There is a certain lie of omission to discuss the conflict in Ukraine without including these points. The war is about wealth and power. Is it possible the outcome of the war would result in lesser prosperity for the Ukrainian people? Maybe. Or maybe the Western interest is in placing advanced weaponry right up to the Russian border, to expand their preferred economic system.

Anabaptists should emphasize that it is better to choose nonviolence and risk oppression than to choose violence and risk God’s judgment for being an oppressor.

Jacob Janzen, Arlington, Va.

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