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Trump defends lives of innocent babies

An Oct. 14 MWR editorial states, “Moral clarity . . . would consist of holding President Trump to a high standard of ethics and integrity.” It goes on to characterize the president with “abuse of power, appalling behavior, lying and bullying.”  This, of course, also describes the Democrats in Washington, except for one major difference: Every Democratic 2020 candidate for president supports the killing of children in the womb.

In the same issue, Edgar Stoesz (Letters & Comments) writes, “It is disheartening that some of Trump’s most uncritical supporters are people of faith. . . . Eighty percent of evangelical Christian voters supported Trump, though he is the antithesis of what they believe.” Really? Let not his statements mislead us.

President Trump stands for and defends the lives of innocent babies, victims of murder. Christians must abhor abortion if we truly take the Bible and the teachings of Jesus seriously. Describe Mr. Trump as you will, but in this most extreme issue, he stands tall and for the right!

Christians who dislike President Trump may be happy to support his Democratic opponent in 2020. Let’s be honest. Will Christians ignore that a vote for any Democratic candidate who strongly defends the right to kill children is, in fact, giving support to kill children?

This is the moral outrage of our time, and we must side with Jesus, who does not give consent to kill those to whom he gives life.

Which is more morally repugnant: to support the right to kill the most vulnerable of lives created by God or to support a president who may offend in how he speaks (don’t we all?) but protects the lives of the unborn?

Eldon Claassen
Fort Wayne, Ind.

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